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The purpose of a governing body is to help provide the best possible education for pupils. Governors meet regularly with the Head teacher and staff to decide the school’s aims and policies, and to oversee the efficient running of the school.

The governors work in partnership with the school and local authority.

The governing body has the following core strategic functions:

Establishing the strategic direction, by:

  • setting the vision, values, and objectives for the school
  • agreeing the school improvement strategy with priorities and targets
  • meeting statutory duties.

Ensuring accountability, by:

  • appointing the headteacher
  • monitoring progress towards targets
  • performance managing the headteacher
  • engaging with stakeholders
  • contributing to school self-evaluation.

Ensuring financial probity, by:

  • setting the budget
  • monitoring spending against the budget
  • ensuring value for money is obtained
  • ensuring risks to the organisation are managed.

Governor Attendance 2022 2023