St Lewis' Catholic Primary School

Welcome to St. Lewis' Catholic Primary School!

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Mission Statement




To belong to our school community, to believe in ourselves and Jesus and to become all you are meant to be, following the footsteps of Christ


Aims and Objectives

At St. Lewis’;

We have high aspirations and provide quality education for all.

We enable all members of our community to fulfil their potential in a nurturing, loving and supportive environment and encourage a love for learning.

  • Provide education which is inclusive within a culture of high expectations.
  • Provide a stimulating environment where there is love and respect for all.
  • Offer a broad, balanced curriculum which supports children as individuals.
  • Encourage team work, collaboration and cooperation.
  • Acknowledge differences and celebrate the achievements so that all enjoy success.
  • Provide opportunities to think, dream and wonder.
  • Develop confident, resilient and independent learners.
  • Build courage to take risks and face challenges.
  • Create inspiring, exciting and challenging learning experiences.
  • Support personal, spiritual, emotional and academic development  

We nurture relationships by treating all with kindness and respect.

We encourage faith in Christ to be a part in the community of all including Staff, pupils, parents and governors.

  • Foster togetherness and “family”.
  • Enable children to discover their place in their family, local, national and global communities.
  • Be inclusive of all, nurturing our uniqueness as children of God.
  • Develop trusting, supportive relationships with our families and neighbours.
  • Have a strong presence within our Parish and wider community.
  • Support the parish in preparing children for the Sacraments.
  • Create a safe, loving, nurturing environment.
  • Celebrate together regularly, involving our Parish and wider community.
  • Support others in our local and global community through prayer, fundraising and other forms of support.

We support the development of Christian values by following the example of Jesus in our actions.

We celebrate uniqueness, provide a warm, caring environment to nurture each person

  • Being good role models
  • Showing tolerance and compassion
  • Forgiving others and ourselves
  • Showing humility and kindness
  • Accept differences in each other
  • Recognising strengths in others and celebrating them
  • Providing a secure and caring community
  • Promoting an atmosphere of mutual respect, acceptance and forgiveness through all aspects of school life
  • Exploring our own faith and the faith of others through Religious Education
  • Praying together and celebrating collective worship together on a daily basis
  • Supporting the Parish in preparing the children for Reconciliation and receiving the Eucharist