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Art and Design 

Art and Design at St Lewis'...

At St Lewis', we believe that Art and Design provides the opportunity to develop the whole child. It encourages creativity, curiosity and self-expression whilst instilling resilience, exploration and confidence. Art and Design aims to inspire a future generation of creative thinkers whilst enhancing their knowledge of a wide range of Artists and styles. Art and Design gives children the visual language of art– line, tone, texture, colour, pattern, shape and 3d form.

We believe it is important to develop creative learners.  We feel that Art and Design equips and enhances risk takers, evaluators, and develops reflective and engaged learners. Children will develop knowledge of artists and use this knowledge to build upon and enhance their work as they move throughout school. They will also embed key art skills essential to allow them to produce inventive pieces of art while the development of increasing their technical drawing skills remaining at the heart of every project.

Our children will be given opportunities to present a sense of vision through observation, experimentation and the significant development. The exploration of sketchbooks work will have a significant role in every year group for every topic and within this, children will explore the artistic work of various artists. Children will explore the works of art through a range of great artists, contemporary artists and local artists to inspire their own personal development in this subject. In every year group and for every topic, children will complete an ongoing journal through use of sketchbooks and will develop drawing skills. In each key stage (KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper Key 2) children will be taught skills in 6 areas of– Painting, Textiles, 3D form, Digital Media, Collage and Printing. The Elements of Art will be weaved into each topic through the KAPOW scheme.

Opportunities presented to our children include: Art competitions throughout the year– both in school and locally (Warrington PAN Arts festival. Visits to local art galleries – The Walker in Liverpool. Children have the opportunity to display their work to give it purpose. Children can develop relevant skills through after school clubs.




Mrs Calley is the subject leader for Art and Design