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Physical Education

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At St Lewis' we believe that our PE curriculum provides our children with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to lead an active, healthy life. Our aim through all of the opportunities are children are offered, is to make our children Physically Literate. We want our children to be motivated, confident, physically competent, have the knowledge and understanding the value of engaging in physical activity for life. By the end of Year 6, they will have practiced a range of skills and developed knowledge through lessons which promote progression and depth. We aim to provide lessons which are engaging, challenging and accessible to all children and take into account each child’s starting point. We aim to deliver a curriculum where children attain in line with their age related expectations. We feel quality lessons, alongside necessary interventions, gives our children the best chance of achieving this. We use regular assessments to measure this, making sure no child is left behind. We will provide children opportunities to enter competitions where they will be able to implement the skills and qualities they have developed. We want to inspire and motivate our children to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

At Eaves, we believe PE provides children with the opportunity to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. This will ensure we have children who are physically and mentally prepared for life and the ever changing world. We want children to leave St Lewis' with a positive, high expectation of themselves and their abilities, and recognise achievement. We use our PE lessons to promote our school values and School Games values, and develop a strength of character. These qualities can be seen not only in our PE lessons, but also around school and when children are representing our school in competitions. We want our children to be inspired by the practice they see, and continue to live healthy, active lifestyles.

Throughout their time at school, our children will be given opportunities to engage with a range of sports/ games. They will revisit these year on year, so children are given the opportunity to consolidate and build on their skills and knowledge. We use a fundamental approach until the end of Key Stage 1 for children to gain fundamental movement skills. In Lower Key Stage 2, we introduced sport specific skills across a range of topics. In Upper Key Stage 2, the skills are then applied in sports. Teachers work closely with our PE specialist in both the planning and assessment of two PE lessons per week. Teachers are constantly developing their teaching practice. Our children are challenged in various ways through the subjects, and teacher’s use REAL PE for our lessons. Our PE sessions provide children with not only physical skills, but also a range of qualities they can use in their learning through school– team work, co-operation, respect for others, self-confidence, resilience, problem solving.

Throughout the year, we enter interschool competition within our WASSP and competitions organised by our School Games team. We provide a range of after school and breakfast clubs covering a range of sports. Our children in Year 6 are given opportunities to demonstrate their leadership qualities through the responsibility to organise dinnertime games for our children. Play Leaders training is organised to equip our children with the necessary skills. Children from Year 3 and upwards access swimming lessons. Within school we hold a Sports Day each year for children from Nursery to Year 6. During our FS and KS1 Sports Day, our Year 6 children support the event. We have links with local sports clubs and external coaching companies. As a result of the PE and extra curricular opportunities on offer at St Lewis', we have achieved the School Games Bronze award and are now working towards Silver. 

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Part of our provision for PE in school is through REAL PE who provide comprehensive lessons to support staff delivery of the PE curriculum in addition to the lessons that our sports coach Tom provides.

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Mrs Dodd is our PE subject leader
Mrs Dodd is our PE subject leader

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