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French at St Lewis’...

It is our intention through the French that we teach at St Lewis’ to instill a love of learning languages and increase awareness of other cultures. We feel that the Kapow scheme is structured to give foundations for learning a language and allows the children to apply their skills.

The main strands that the scheme is organised in to are:

  • Speaking and pronunciation
  • Listening
  • Reading and writing
  • Grammar
  • Intercultural understanding

The scheme is a spiral curriculum, with key skills and vocabulary revisited slowing children to build on their learning. There is a balance in communication of both spoken and written French with Year Three focusing on oral skills.

A wide range of suggested teaching strategies are used to deliver lessons and adaptations to support all pupils included. Strong subject knowledge is supported with the inclusion of teacher videos for use pre-lesson and a section for teachers which outlines key grammar and vocabulary. French is timetabled in all Key Stage Two classes weekly for a half hour lesson.

The impact of implementing Kapow French in St Lewis’ will ensure that children leave our school with a range of skills and confidence that allows them to continue to study French or another language at Key Stage Three. Assessment opportunities and tasks provided after each lesson allow teachers to assess pupils against learning objectives. 



Mr Dorrell is our MFL subject leader

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